Commercial Automatic Doors

Any automatic door makes a great first impression, whilst also offering energy savings. In addition to this, this style of door can enhance user experience, attract occupants and improve operations. Choosing between automatic doors and revolving doors will depend on the space you have available and the traffic flow.

Automatic Doors vs. Revolving Doors

Energy Performance

As automatic doors only open when they are triggered, the issue of the door being left open is avoided. Leaving doors open is a costly mistake, especially when you have a heating/cooling system operating.

Even though the doors are electronically powered, they can help to conserve energy if installed correctly with tight and secure seals.

Automatic and revolving doors can also be combined with technology such as access control which helps to maximise the security of employees inside the building.

Revolving doors combat air infiltration. Experts have stated that energy loss will depend on a few factors:

  1. How many times the door is open
  2. How large the opening is
  3. The length of time the door is open

Revolving doors provide the least amount of infiltration as possible.

Space, Traffic and Operations

Specialists identify an area by more than two people moving through an opening, which could also include things such as buggies and wheelchairs. This is why busy areas, such as supermarkets, educational facilities and venues are great locations for these types of doors as they often receive rushes of crowds at certain points throughout the day. Find out more.

Neither revolving doors nor automatic doors require the space that a manual door would, meaning the design and makeup of automatic doors is to make for a cleaner, quieter and more spacious lobby area.

Enhancing Image

Companies that welcome customers with easy access, especially for the disabled or elderly, enhances the experience for their consumers. Both types of doors are more modern compared to traditional efforts methods, which also works to great an aesthetically pleasing exterior.