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Welcome to the UK Manufacturing Industries website.

We are here to showcase the green shoots of recovery that can be found sprouting in the UK manufacturing industry, which has gone from being the global manufacturing leader during the industrial revolution.

A time when the UK made everything and exported it all over the world, to the current malaise whereby the country is so heavily over-reliant on the service industries that when the global economic slowdown occurred we had no real resources to fall back, since we don’t actually make anything anymore.

This process begun decades ago, although the desire of recent governments to push forward the UK workforce into the new service-oriented market at the expense of manufacturing has certainly helped exacerbate the problem.

Having said all that the UK manufacturing industry is not gone and forgotten; while we do not manufacture goods on the scale of some of the other manufacturing powerhouses of the world we have focused more on quality and boast some manufacturing companies that produce unrivalled custom and bespoke items such as unique glass works of extremely high tolerances for industrial and scientific applications.

Please feel free to send us your feedback about our website and also any suggestions you may have for how we can better showcase and support the UK manufacturing industry. We are always happy to hear from you.

Putting the production process through its paces

Energy-intensive companies in Germany are currently preparing to record and systemise their energy data to ensure they meet the structures of an energy management system (EnMS) which is specified by ISO 50001 and EN16001.

A £51 million investment to ensure the UK stays at the leading edge of manufacturing research was unveiled today by Universities and Science Minister David Willetts.

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