Welcome to the UK Manufacturing Industries website. We are keen to promote research into manufacturing issues and facilitate debate around existing policy issues at National and Regional Government level. The UK manufacturing industries website is an independent voice for manufacturing in the UK.

We study issues that are both generic to UK manufacturing and those that may be specific to regional or local economies. We hope to engender a spirit of co-operation between industry and government, to help to integrate the expertise of the many specialist centres in universities and elsewhere in the country and thus to support the creation of jobs in manufacturing in the UK.

A strong manufacturing industry is central to the UK’s future economic success, and yet recent research has highlighted the negative attitudes of children to the manufacturing industry. This is something that needs to be addressed in the UK’s schools and colleges.

Here at the UK Manufacturing Industries website we aim to help highlight how the UK manufacturing industry can, with a little support, provide the UK economy with exactly the boost that it requires to help lift it out of its current stagnation. All the countries that are coping best with the current economic climate are those that have strong manufacturing foundations to their economies, such as France and Germany in the UK, and the manufacturing powerhouse of China, for example. It is through the support of manufacturing companies that the country’s economy can prosper again.

Glossary of Manufacturing Terms

Glossary of UK Manufacturing Industry terms